How To Install Blogger Template

Some people may find it difficult to install Blogger template, but it's much easier than you think.

Just follow these steps to Install Templates quickly.

#Step 1. Log into your Blogger account using your Google username/password.

Blogger login with Google

#Step 2. Choose your blog from your Blogger Dashboard to which you want to install Template.

List of blogs

#Step 3. After that click on "Template" Under Your blog.

Blogger Template choice

#Step 4. On right-hand side at the Top, you will see "Backup/Restore" tab just click on it. After that next screen appears, just click on "Choose File" and select ".xml" file from your folder.

Blogger Template Uploading

#Step 5. Upload & Done.

What Next ?

Go to "Layout" and make Arrangement of your Gadgets.

you can add new Gadgets by clicking "Add a Gadget" and you can choose many Gadgets from the list.

For adding Html script, select "HTML/JavaScript" and just paste your code into the box.

That's it.